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Discover WiX Studio, the new WiX creation platform

Wix Studio is an innovative real-time collaborative platform that allows teams to work together and efficiently on the same website.

With this powerful tool, you can make changes and improvements to the style, design and content of pages or elements individually, without interrupting or affecting the actions and work of your colleagues.

This provides a more fluid and productive editing experience, facilitating collaboration and maximizing the creative potential of the entire team.

Discover the endless collaboration possibilities that the Wix Studio Editor has to offer:

Design: Get full control of your website with WiX Studio.


Tailored breakpoints

Design and optimize sites for all screen sizes.

Design with pixels

Design with pixels that automatically convert to adaptive units behind the scenes.

Adaptive AI

Create responsive sites instantly in one click.

Precise position

Defines the exact position of each element, including docking, margins, sizes and more at each breakpoint.

Adaptability Package

Choose from standard adaptive behaviors, such as scale proportionally, fit, pin, and fit to screen.

Triggers and animations

Expand, melt, slide, wave. Add animation to each element: loop, click, hover effect and scroll.

Section Grid

Choose from grid styles and customize cells intuitively.


Display unique content in uniform style and update seamlessly with an integrated CMS.

CSS Grid

Create intricate styles with precise positioning of elements by breakpoint.


Create flexible modular styles with adaptive boxes that automatically adjust to all screen types.


Maintain vertical and horizontal spaces between elements and avoid overlaps.

Text scale

Scale text proportionally to any screen size or set custom limits and ranges.

Custom CSS

Keep full control down to the last pixel, by adding your own CSS or copy directly to the site.

Expressive elements

Enhance client sites with code-free visual elements such as text and video skins, section dividers, and a custom cursor.

Section backgrounds

Fill section backgrounds with images, videos, gradients and more to create dynamic visuals.


Add custom video components and control their shape, overlay, skin, player button, and more.

Transparent videos

Create fascinating 3D effects by adding, uploading or customizing transparent videos.


Add vibrancy to section backgrounds using custom linear, conical, and fluid gradients.

Catchy position

Have elements stick to the viewport when visitors scroll, to draw attention to the most important aspects of the site.

Fit to screen

Set the viewport height of any section of the site to 100% so that it always fills the full height of the screen, on any device.

Automatic coupling

Allow elements to automatically snap to the closest edges of the parent container, or adjust them manually for each viewport.

Global sections

Create global headers, sections, and footers that can be reused across multiple pages and updated throughout the site.

Site Styles

Fully customizable font styles and site colors to fit client brands.

Dynamic pages

Design once and generate an unlimited number of pages with the same structure.

Color styles

Create custom color palettes and organize them into libraries to use again and again.

Typographic styles

Save custom font themes for later use to speed up the design process across all sites.

Reusable resources

Create anything you want, from individual elements to entire pages, and save them for reuse across sites to streamline your workflow.

Component package

Add pre-designed and fully customizable page elements, including slideshows, mega and submenus, accordions, and more.

Customizable presets

Choose adaptive pre-designed sections, shapes and vector art that can be customized to the client's branding.

Media Manager

Explore an extensive library of free images, including assets from Unsplash and Shutterstock, illustrations, vector art, videos, and more.

Drag and drop

Add and place elements freely using drag and drop on the canvas.

Supported integrations

WiX Studio

Efficient Development with WiX Studio.


Full stack development platform

Write code at the client and server level, on a production-ready full stack development platform.

Hundreds of APIs

Customize and extend the behavior of your apps using Wix APIs.

Create apps with Blocks

Bundle your solutions into apps and add-ons that you can reuse elsewhere or sell on the Wix App Market with over 245 million users.

Integrated IDE

Create code online, in an IDE based on VS Code.

Database Collections

Store data natively in our CMS, or integrate external databases from cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and more.

Development with AI

Use Wix's rich AI model within the IDE to generate code examples, troubleshoot your code, and get product answers.


Bring our enterprise solutions to any technology stack across multiple front-ends using composable APIs.

Connect to GitHub

Develop your Wix site locally and in collaboration with your teammates.

Site monitoring

Connect tools like Google Operations or Loggly to collect events and gain visibility into the health of the client's site.

Scalability on demand

Scale compute and data capacity to create the best user experience on data- and code-heavy sites.

Integrations and supported technologies

WiX Studio

Solutions for your company with WiX Studio



Extend our comprehensive eCommerce solution with custom product pages, SPI with multiple shipping rates, and much more.


Prepare your clients to organize events, sell tickets and receive RSVPs.


Create a scheduling system so clients can accept reservations, receive payments, offer classes, manage staff, and more.


Boost SEO and expand clients' online communities by adding a blog to their sites.


Create content collections and dynamic pages in just a few clicks, while keeping the site design intact with a code-free CMS.


Translate into 180 languages, manually or automatically, without affecting the design.


Offer your customers the ability to display menus and accept online orders and reservations 24/7.

Personal area

Allow users to register on your clients' sites, so they can network with other members and access exclusive content.


Open communication channels and allow customers to interact through live chat.

Price plans

Offers memberships, recurring service plans and much more.


Allows customers to configure the option to accept all major payment methods securely, offer the ability to pay in installments, and add shipping and taxes to orders.

App Market

Discover hundreds of powerful apps that can help you meet your customers' needs.

Branded mobile apps

Help your clients build customer loyalty and increase retention with a programming-free app fully adapted to their brand.

Available integrations:

WiX Studio

WiX Studio: Workflow improvements.


Unified workspace

Manage your projects, collaborate with your team and clients, and connect to the professional community from one place.

Studio mobile app

Manage your agency from anywhere. Stay on top of projects, and manage sites, teams, and leads at any time.

Collaborate on the canvas

Work in the same place, at the same time, with multiple collaborators and team members.

Design libraries

Create a reusable collection of typographic themes, color palettes and design assets.

Custom roles and permissions

Give your team access to the website while maintaining full control over who does what.

Team accounts

Give your teammates access to every site in your account, while restricting editing access to specific roles.

Online comments

Share ideas, create tasks, and tag team members on the canvas, in real time.

Receive feedback

Invite customers to view and leave comments directly on the site.

Customer Kit

Deliver an optimal delivery experience by adding video tutorials, guides, and other helpful resources to your customers' dashboards.

Site Checker

Scan pages for design, accessibility, SEO and security issues.

AI Text Creator

Aren't you moving forward with your content? Answer a couple of simple questions and the AI text creator will provide you with instant ideas.


If you have an urgent delivery, or are looking for inspiration, explore a library of professionally designed templates.


Connect add-ons that speed up your workflow, from task management tools to color pickers, for an optimal experience.

WiX Studio

Marketing and SEO, Efficient campaigns with first-level integration.


Server-side rendering

The SSR infrastructure ensures that crawlers can read the entire site's content.

Structured data markup

Markup is automatically added to many types of pages, with the option to edit or create your own at the page and folder level.

Site Maps

We automatically create and submit to Google Search Console an optimized sitemap, including sitemaps with images.

Auto-generated robots.txt files

Keep full control and customize robots.txt files to tell bots which URLs to crawl.

Instant Google Indexing

Index home pages with a single click using a direct connection to Google Search Console.

Flexible 301 redirect options

Avoid 404 errors and potential traffic loss by redirecting on static pages, among others, or setting up individual, group, and mass 301 redirects.

Site inspection

Check the indexability of each page in a single click with our site inspection tool powered by the Google API.

Editing metadata at scale

Add variables to your metadata based on page type or apply robot meta tags like max-snippet in one click.

SEO Assistant

Quickly scan your clients' sites to detect page issues, track progress, and make adjustments.


See how users and search engines interact with sites by getting integrated reports, such as bot logs, traffic analytics, and GSC data.


Use our SEO APIs to code custom .js solutions.

Integration with Semrush

Identify the top keywords to include on client sites, directly from the platform.

Digital Marketing Integrations

WiX Studio

Web / Cloud Infrastructure with WiX Studio.


Multi-cloud hosting

With 99.98% uptime, sites stay up even in the event of regional outages, thanks to the unified power of Google Cloud, AWS, Fastly, and our own data centers.

Enterprise-level scalability

All sites are auto-scalable, so customers can grow as much as they want. With over 4.5 billion daily requests, we're more than prepared to handle it.

Global CDN coverage

Multiple data centers around the world, reinforced with more than 200 globally distributed CDN nodes, ensure the best performance.

No maintenance windows

Infrastructure maintenance is performed in the background, allowing customer sites to be available at all times.

Privacy and Compliance

We are certified and comply with the strictest international privacy and security regulations, such as Soc 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1, various ISO standards, RGPD, CCPA and LGPD.

Secure data encryption

Encryption of data in transit uses HTTPS, TLS 1.2 and higher with automatic SSL, while data at rest uses AES-256.

Secure payments

All sites meet the industry's highest payment card data standards, PCI DSS Level 1, and have built-in anti-fraud protection.

Third party risk management

A strict TPRM program, including ongoing assessments, ensures that vendors and third-party apps meet our security standards.

Anti-DDoS protection

Advanced anti-DDoS protection ensures attacks are detected and combated immediately, keeping customer sites safe.


Security Operations Center experts work 24/7 with advanced system and event monitoring to identify and respond to threats quickly.

If you have questions about how to implement WiX Studio on your website, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals.



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