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We clarify "10 reasons why you should NOT create your website with WiX"

In the popular but old article "10 reasons NOT to create your website in WiX" , the author presents a series of points that supposedly demonstrate why WiX is not the best option for creating a professional website. Many of these points are invalid or outdated.

Next, I will refute each of the points mentioned by the author, at the end, and we will explain to you why it IS convenient to use WiX in 2023:

Cheap is expensive.

The author argues that Wix offers free and paid plans, but that the prices are high for what they offer. However, this is not necessarily true. Wix offers a wide range of plans with different features and prices , allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget. Additionally, the author fails to mention that Wix offers regular promotions and discounts, making their plans even more affordable.

Additionally, the author mentions WordPress as a cheaper alternative. While WordPress can be a budget-friendly option, it also involves additional costs, such as hosting and domain, which can add up to significant expenses.

In comparison, Wix plans include hosting and a free subdomain, saving money and simplifying the process. website creation.

wix studio prices
WiX Studio Pricing

wordpress prices
WordPress Pricing


Free = With Wix you do not have the right to your own domain.

The author criticizes that Wix's free plans use subdomains and do not allow you to have your own domain. While this is true for the free plans, Wix's paid plans allow you to connect a custom domain without any problems. Additionally, Wix offers options to register domains through its platform , making domain management even easier.

How to connect your domain to WiX

How to connect your domain in WiX Free

Some pricing plans display advertising and the Wix logo on your website.

The author mentions that Wix's free plans and some paid plans display advertising and the Wix logo on web pages. While this is true for free plans, Wix paid plans do not include advertising or the Wix logo on the pages. This allows users to create professional websites and remove any references to Wix.

The Wix website is not yours. If you leave, you lose her.

The author states that if you decide to change providers, you will not be able to migrate your Wix website and you will lose it completely.

However this is not entirely true.

While it is true that Wix does not allow you to directly export an entire website to another platform, users can copy and paste their website content to a new platform and recreate the design.

Wix offers data export tools, such as the option to export the blog to an XML file, making it easy to migrate content.

If you want to change templates in Wix, you also lose everything

The author argues that Wix does not allow you to change templates without losing all content. While this used to be a problem in the past, Wix now allows you to change templates without losing content. Wix has improved its editor and developed a “template change” feature, which allows users to select a new template and automatically transfer their existing content to the new template. This makes it easy to customize and redesign a website in Wix without losing previous work.

How to change your template in WiX

You are not the owner of your content.

The author mentions that Wix has rights to user content. However, this is incorrect. Wix does not claim rights to the content that users create on its platforms. Users retain full ownership of their content and are free to export it and use it on other platforms if they wish.

This is not true, check your own search

Limitations for SEO.

The author argues that Wix has limitations for SEO and is not a suitable option for those who want good search engine rankings. However, this is also incorrect.

Wix offers built-in SEO tools that allow users to optimize their website for search engines. These tools include the ability to edit metadata, customize URLs, create redirects, generate a sitemap file, and more.

Many websites created on Wix have achieved excellent search engine rankings, proving that it is possible to obtain good SEO results using this platform.

Technical SEO comparison between WiX Studio and WordPress



Website Loading Speed

Wix Studio - Best Hosting


Wix Studio – Compared on PageSpeed


Wix Studio - No attacks recorded


Wix Studio - Simple


Wix Studio - More control and AI integration


Wix Studio - Best INP (Core Web vitals)


Wix Studio - Direct integration with Google Search Console and Bing IndexNow

Customization limitations.

The author mentions that Wix has limitations when it comes to customizing the design and functionality of a website. However, this is not entirely accurate. Wix offers a wide range of professional and customizable templates , as well as a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily customize their website design.

Additionally, Wix has a wide variety of apps and plugins that add additional functionality to websites, such as forms, image galleries, online stores, and more. This allows users to create unique and personalized websites based on their needs and preferences.

Complete customization with WiX Studio

Speed and performance issues.

The author mentions that websites built on Wix can have speed and performance issues. However, this is not unique to Wix and can occur on any platform, depending on how the website is configured and optimized.

Wix has worked on improving the performance of its websites and offers tools to optimize performance, such as image compression, loading optimization, and caching. Wix uses high-quality servers and reliable infrastructure to ensure good website performance.

Limitations in scalability.

The author argues that Wix is not scalable and is not suitable for those who plan to grow their website in the future.

However, Wix has provento be a scalable platform that can handle websites of different sizes and traffic levels. Wix offers different pricing plans to suit users' needs, and users can upgrade or change plans at any time to meet the growth demands of their website.

Many of the negative statements about Wix in the original article are inaccurate or outdated. WiX has significantly improved its platform over the years and offers a viable option for creating professional and functional websites. As with any platform, there are pros and cons that users should consider when choosing the best option for their specific needs.

Why Wix can be considered better than WordPress?

In terms of integrations with AI, official partnership with Google, SEO that ranks without the need to pay for plugins and the vast improvement in terms of SEO, scalability, AI and its partner network, we believe that WiX Studio is much better than WordPress in terms of of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Business Development.

WiX has integrations with free AI such as ChatGPT, Zapier and Gemini among others.

Wix offers native integrations with artificial intelligence tools, such as Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) and Wix Velo.

Wix ADI is an intelligent system that uses advanced algorithms to automatically create a personalized website based on the user's preferences and needs. Additionally, Wix Velo is a web application development platform that allows users to create web applications with advanced functionalities such as databases and custom programming logic.

These AI integrations make it easier and faster to build sophisticated websites without deep technical knowledge.

WiX has an official partnership with Google.

Wix has an official partnership with Google , meaning it offers a number of exclusive benefits and tools to help users improve their online presence. This includes the ability to easily connect your Wix website to Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business.

These tools are essential for website performance tracking, traffic analysis, and SEO optimization. Additionally, Wix offers a streamlined integration with Google AdSense , allowing users to easily monetize their website with Google ads.

WiX SEO positions without having to pay for plugins.

Unlike WordPress, where installing additional plugins is often required to optimize SEO, Wix offers SEO tools built into its platform. Users can easily access SEO settings like meta tags, descriptions, custom URLs, redirects, sitemap generation, and more, right from the Wix editor.

This means that users do not have to rely on third-party plugins and can optimize their website for search engines effectively without additional costs.

WiX has a wide variety of applications and extensions.

Wix has a wide selection of applications and extensions in its App Market. These apps and extensions allow users to add additional functionality to their websites, such as advanced contact forms, interactive image galleries, live chat tools, online stores, online booking, and more.

The diversity and quality of these applications make it easier to customize and extend the capabilities of a website in Wix without having to rely on third-party developers or advanced coding knowledge.

WiX has an intuitive design and ease of use.

One of the distinctive advantages of Wix is its intuitive and easy-to-use visual editor. With Wix, users can build and customize their website using drag-and-drop functionality, allowing them to place and adjust elements in the design visually and without requiring deep technical knowledge.

Wix offers a wide range of professional and modern templates that can be customized according to the user's needs. This makes creating and managing a website in Wix accessible even to those without web design experience.

These are just a few of the reasons why Wix can be considered a solid option compared to WordPress in terms of AI integrations, Google partnership, native SEO, and related features. However, it is important to keep in mind that each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so the choice between Wix and WordPress will depend on the individual needs and preferences of each user.

10 Reasons Wix Studio is the Top Choice for Creating Your Website

  1. Designs at the forefront of the market : Wix offers you a selection of modern and professional templates, easy to customize to meet your needs. This ensures you have a visually stunning website, aligned with the latest trends in web design.

  2. Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor : The Wix platform has a friendly and efficient editor, perfect even for those without prior experience in web design. The ease of dragging and dropping elements allows you to build your ideal site without requiring programming skills.

  3. Powered by Artificial Intelligence : Wix natively integrates advanced AI tools, such as Wix ADI and Wix Velo, making it easy to create websites and custom web applications without requiring deep technical knowledge.

  4. Limitless Customization : With Wix, you have the power to customize every detail of your site, from typography and color to page layouts and functionality. This ensures an online presence that is genuinely unique and reflects your brand.

  5. Wide Range of Applications and Extensions : The Wix application market is constantly expanding, offering you the possibility of enriching your site with extra functionalities such as advanced contact forms, live chat, event calendars and much more.

  6. Integrated Digital Marketing Tools : Wix not only allows you to build your site, but also promote it thanks to its integrated marketing tools, including newsletters, social media management and SEO optimization, helping you increase the online visibility of your site.

  7. Secure and Reliable Hosting : With Wix, receive high-quality and secure hosting for your website, freeing you from technical and security concerns, as Wix handles these aspects for you.

  8. Mobile Optimized : Sites created on Wix are automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring an exceptional user experience on smartphones and tablets, crucial in today's digital environment.

  9. Customer Support and Educational Resources : Wix provides a vast collection of help resources, including video tutorials and extensive documentation, along with a dedicated support team to answer your queries and resolve issues.

  10. Constant Innovation and Improvements : Wix is dedicated to continuous innovation, regularly releasing new updates and features that offer users more advanced tools to create and manage their websites effectively.

These reasons highlight why Wix Studio is the best option for those looking to establish or renew their online presence with a robust, flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Remember to evaluate your specific needs and consider other relevant factors before making a final decision.