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Content Marketing in WiX: Value and authority for your brand

 At WiX SEO, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of your website and your competition to develop a content strategy that improves your positioning in search engines.

Content marketing to increase your digital presence in the most efficient way.

As official Wix partners in Spain, at WiX SEO we are more than specialists in web design; we are experts in Content Marketing We use this powerful technique to create experiential and optimized content, designed to attract potential customers to your website. Our approach is non-invasive; Instead, we add value so that potential customers want to approach your business organically.

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In the digital world, content is king, but SEO is its crown. At WiX SEO, we combine high-quality content creation with search engine optimization strategies.


This means that we not only produce copy that resonates with your audience, but also structure it in a way that is SEO friendly. We use relevant keywords, effective meta descriptions, and a content structure that makes it easy for Google to index.

What we offer?

  • Keyword analysis and strategic selection.

  • Creation of meta descriptions and optimized titles.

  • Structuring content to facilitate indexing.

WiX SEO Spain
WiX official partner

SEO Strategies & Content Marketing

SEO is not an isolated tactic, but an integral strategy that must be aligned with your content.


At WiX SEO, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of your website and your competition to develop a content strategy that improves your positioning in search engines.

What does it consist of?


  • SEO audit to identify opportunities and weaknesses.

  • Development of an SEO-focused editorial calendar.

  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment based on performance metrics.


The Importance of Quality Content

Promotional and invasive content can alienate users and give a negative impression of your brand. For this reason, we focus on creating content that resonates with your audience, transmitting the identity and values of your business. With high-quality, creative content, you'll not only attract interested customers, but you'll also foster a loyal fan base, or "brand lovers."

Benefits of Our Approach to Content Marketing:


  • Improve your positioning in Google.

  • Reach your potential customers effectively.

  • Increase traffic to your website.

  • Reinforce your brand values.

  • Generate more leads and increase conversion rates.

  • In addition, our team meticulously monitors the results and adjusts the strategies based on the data collected, optimizing the content for each channel, be it on social networks, blogs or press.

WiX SEO Spain
WiX Partner oficial

Types of Content We Offer

  • Social Half: Social networks are more than promotional platforms; They are spaces to build lasting relationships with your customers. We create graphic, audiovisual and copywriting content that resonates with your audience, fostering a long-term relationship and turning your brand into their first purchase option.

  • Blog: A corporate blog is a powerful tool to improve your SEO and offer relevant content to your audience. We create articles that are not only interesting for your target audience, but are also optimized for search engines.

  • Press: We develop specific content for communication media, both digital and printed. Our focus on content marketing extends to creating press releases and articles that reflect your brand identity.

  • E-mail Marketing: We use email marketing as an extension of our content strategy. We send newsletters that offer real value to your audience, taking advantage of their previous interest in your brand to drive interaction and sales.

WiX SEO Spain
WiX official partner
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