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SEO and SEM Strategy for Companies

Design of SEO and SEM plans for companies in 3 months. Achieve organic growth that strengthens your online presence in the short and long term

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Boost your website with WiX SEO
Web optimization, SEO positioning and more!

Have you tried to create a web page and have not achieved the desired results? At WiX SEO, we offer the perfect solution for you.

Improve the user experience on your website and achieve professional positioning with our three-month WEB + SEO plan.

Here you have everything that includes our service:


  • We will carry out an exhaustive analysis of your project, website, market and competitors.

  • We will implement technical SEO changes to boost organic growth.

  • We will keep your website updated according to the latest market trends and we will launch a SEM promotional campaign to increase traffic to your website.


With our help, you will have a completely optimized site, data about your competitors and the necessary tools to continue growing on the internet. 

First month, SEO Audits

Audit, SEO on page and design advice.


We will analyze your web page through real data that will be analyzed by our specialists. 


We will carry out a study of keywords and your market and potential clients to be able to optimize your web page and to be able to lay the foundations of SEO to start gaining organic traffic.


We will modify your Web structure and internal links to improve the navigation of your web page. 


Our web designers will carry out a design consultancy so that you can implement the necessary changes that affect any conversion factor.


What changes would we make during this month?


  • keyword analysis

  • Analysis of your market and competitors

  • Optimization of the web structure and internal links

  • design consultancy

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WIX FAQ_edited.jpg
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How do we continue to maintain the positioning of your website?

At WiX SEO we have a monthly maintenance plan
Here we explain it to you in detail.

With the main steps of your website's SEO done and the foundations for the future of your positioning established, it is time to develop an appropriate promotion plan that supports your organic growth and helps create web authority.


In order to maintain positioning and follow the trends of your market to continue reaching your potential clients, it is necessary to work on SEO month by month. 

What does SEO maintenance consist of


We will carry out an SEO audit of your website to analyze the progress created, in which you will be able to see results on changes made previously and we will also implement changes in your On Page SEO to be able to follow the trends of your market and the online behavior of your buyer persona.  ;


It's time to start with SEM!


After reaching this point, we recommend that you reinforce your strategy from other sides, whether SEM, social networks or outreach (link building).

We will carry out an SEM online promotion campaign through Google ADS and social networks to support and increase the web authority of your page.

Here I we list ityou:


  • Report on web positioning.

  • Report of changes made.

  • Future recommendations for better web performance.

  • “Always on” campaign management in Google ADS.

  • Management of an “Always on” type campaign on social networks.

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