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Advanced SEO Plan: Elevating your Digital Presence to the Maximum Level

Introducing our Advanced SEO Plan, a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for companies looking to not only improve their online visibility, but also dominate the digital landscape.

Advanced SEO Strategy

Advanced Strategy: Outside the Conventional

This plan is specially designed for those who want a detailed and sophisticated approach in optimizing their websites and SEO strategies. With a combination of deep analytics, high-quality content, and advanced SEO tactics, this plan is the springboard to success in today's competitive digital markets.

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Estrategia SEO Avanzado

Keyword Research

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Our Advanced SEO Plan takes keyword research to the next level.


Unlikeof the basic plan, we conduct deeper and more specialized research, identifying highly specific and valuable terms.


This advanced approach ensures more precise alignment with your audience's queries,resulting in higher quality web traffic and better conversion rate.

  • Extensive research: We dive into deep analysis to uncover highly relevant and valuable keywords, ensuring your content aligns perfectly with your audience's search queries.

  • Strategic orientation: This meticulous search guarantees superior search engine positioning, attracting high-quality traffic and relevance to your business.

keyword research

Competition Analysis

While the basic plan offers competent analysis, the advanced plan delves into Understanding your competitors' strategies.


We focus on identifying unique opportunities to excel, providing a more substantial competitive advantage and tactics toeffectively outperform its rivals in the market.

  • Detailed study of competitors:We identify your competitors' tactics to build a strategy that not only matches but exceeds their efforts.

  • Competitive advantage:This analysis allows us to develop a plan that highlights your unique strengths and exploits your rivals' weaknesses.

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Competitor analisys

Traffic Analysis

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In the Advanced SEO Plan, traffic analysis goes beyond superficial observation, allowing us identify specific trends and key opportunities.


This comprehensive approach significantly improves marketing strategy and decision making, offering deeper understanding and more effective actions compared to the basic plan.

  • Monitoring and adjustment:We closely monitor traffic to identify key trends and opportunities, adjusting strategy in real time to achieve the best results.

  • Data-driven optimization:This analysis allows for continuous and personalized improvement of your digital strategy.

traffic analisys

Website Indexing

In this plan, the indexing of your website receives special attention, ensuring optimal visibility in all search engines.


We go beyond the basic plan by ensuring that every important page is not only indexed, but also optimized to appear in the best positions.

  • Effective indexing: We ensure that all important pages are indexed correctly, thereby increasing your visibility on search engines.

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web indexing

High Quality Content


Our focus on high-quality content in the Advanced SEO Plan exceeds the basic plan offering in both volume and quality.


With a minimum of 3000 words per piece, our content not only attracts but also retains a relevant audience, establishing your site as a leading authority in your niche.

  • Top content:We create content of over 3000 words, strengthening your site's authority and attracting a more relevant audience.

Content creation

Integrations and Tracking

The Advanced SEO Plan offers more sophisticated integrations and comprehensive tracking, surpassing the basic plan in terms of depth and breadth of analysis.


Advanced tools provide more detailed insights and a complete view of your site's performance, allowing more precise adjustments and informed decisions.

  • GA4: events, conversions, reports.

  • Comprehensive monitoring: We monitor every relevant action that occurs on your site.

  • Detailed reports:We provide clear information on performance and areas for improvement.

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On Page and Local SEO Optimization

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The heart of an effective SEO strategy lies in On Page and Local SEO optimization, two fundamental pillars that together form the basis for lasting digital success.


In our Advanced SEO Plan, We take On Page and Local SEO optimization to new heights, ensuring that every element of your website is not only perfectly tuned for search engines, but also resonant with your local audience.

  • On-Page SEO:We optimize every element of your site to improve your search engine rankings.

  • Local SEO: We ensure that your business stands out in local searches, essential for companies with a physical presence.


Personalized Assistance

Unlike the basic plan, our Advanced SEO Plan offers personalized advice more extensive and agile technical support.


Consulting sessions are longer, allowing for more detailed analysis and more personalized guidance, while technical support provides an immediate response to any technical challenge or query.

  • Weekly meeting with an account advisor (1h): Educational and guiding, we provide you with the tools to grow independently.

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courses and clases

Technical support

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In our Advanced SEO Plan, technical support is elevated to a new level of efficiency and accessibility. Unlike the basic plan, we offer more reactive support adapted to complex needs.


This approach ensures quick problem resolution and technical advice, ensuring your website runs optimally at all times.


The agility and capacity of our advanced technical support is essential to keep your website up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the changing world of SEO.

  • Immediate availability without an appointment:To ensure you always have the support you need.

tech support

Structured data markup

In today's digital age, it is crucial not only generate quality content, but also make sure it is easily interpretable by search engines.


This is where our Advanced SEO Plan introduces structured data markup, an advanced tactic that significantly improves the visibility and understanding of your content by search engines.

  • Accuracy in Search Results:We implement structured data markup so that search engines better understand the context of your content, resulting in more accurate representation in SERPs.

  • Rich Snippets Improvement: Take advantage of rich snippets to stand out from the competition, offering users relevant information before they even click on your site.

  • Support for High Quality Content: It complements our focus on superior content, ensuring each piece is fully accessible and understandable to search engines.

  • Integration with On-Page SEO:It works hand in hand with our On-Page SEO strategies, optimizing every element of the site for maximum effectiveness.

Technical SEO & Google.gif
Schema markup

International SEO

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The globalization of digital markets requires a strategy that transcends borders.


Our Advanced SEO Plan addresses this need with a meticulous approach to International SEO, ensuring that your brand is not only visible, but also relevant in various international markets.

  • Multilingual Optimization:We ensure that your website speaks the language of your target audience, improving accessibility and relevance in different regions.

  • Cultural Adaptation:We understand and apply cultural differences in search and content, better resonating with global audiences.

  • Local Keyword Strategies: We develop and implement keyword strategies that take into account regional variations and search preferences.

  • Focus on Local Relevance:We guarantee that your content is not only found, butthat is also considered relevant and valuable in different markets.

International SEO

Link Building / Link building

Success in SEO not only depends on the internal content of your website, but also on how it interconnects with the broader digital ecosystem.


Our Advanced SEO Plan strengthen your online presence through link building strategies that establish and promote your site's authority.

  • High Authority Links:We focus on obtaining links from recognized and respected sites in your industry, raising the credibility of your site.

  • Attractive Content Strategies:We create and promote content that naturally attracts high-quality links, boosting both your visibility and authority.

  • Competitive Link Analysis:We evaluate the link profile of your competitors to identify opportunities and strategies to overcome them.

  • Continuous Support and Monitoring:We offer constant monitoring of your link profile, ensuring your link building strategy evolves with the digital landscape.

Technical SEO & Google.gif
Link building

Optimize your website to grow organically with our Advanced SEO Plan

The Advanced SEO Plan represents the culmination of a comprehensive and meticulously designed strategy for those businesses that aspire to achieve and maintain a leadership position in the digital environment.


This plan is not simply an improvement over our basic offering, but a qualitative leap towards an unprecedented level of sophistication and effectiveness in SEO.


With a focus on in-depth analytics, advanced optimization techniques, and premium content, this plan is set to radically transform the way your business presents itself and competes in the digital space.

Every aspect of this plan has been carefully thought out to offer your business a sustainable competitive advantage. From advanced keyword research, through in-depth competition analysis and high-authority link building strategies, to the implementation of international SEO techniques, the Advanced SEO Plan is designed to address and overcome the most demanding marketing challenges. digital.


This plan not only increases your visibility and positioning in search engines, but also strengthens your online reputation and expands your reach to new markets and audiences.

The personalized assistance and advanced technical support that comes with this plan ensure that your company is not only equipped to face the present of digital marketing, but also prepared for future trends and challenges.


By choosing our plan, you are investing in a vision of the future, where your business not only thrives in the present but also adapts and grows in the changing digital landscape.


Our Advanced SEO Plan is more than a service; is a strategic partnership for success and continued innovation in the digital world.

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