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WiX FAQ: How to Delete a Web Page in WiX?

Do you want to delete a page from your WiX website? Deleting a page can be an important part of managing and maintaining your website.

In this blog post, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about deleting web pages from WiX, including how to do it, why you might want to delete a page, and what happens when you delete a page.

Let's start now!

How to delete a WiX web page from the Control Panel?

The first step to deleting a WiX web page is to log into your WiX account. Once you are logged in, click "Manage Site" in the left navigation menu. Next, click "Pages" at the top of the screen. On this screen, you will see all your existing web pages listed with their corresponding URLs. To delete any page, simply click the trash icon next to it. This will remove that page from your website permanently.

How to delete a WiX web page from the editor?

If you're already in the editor view of your website when you decide you want to delete one of its pages, follow these steps: Click "Settings" in the upper right corner of the editor window. Next, select "Page Setup" in the drop-down list. On this screen, you'll see all of your existing web pages listed with their corresponding URLs and an option to delete each of them by clicking the trash icon next to it. Clicking this icon will permanently remove that page from your website.

What happens when you delete a WiX web page?

When you delete a WiX web page, it is completely deleted: there is no way for visitors or search engines to access it later. If someone tries to access it by typing its URL into their browser window or following an old link (for example, bookmarked or shared), they will receive an error message saying that this page can no longer be found on the server. The same goes for search engine crawlers; If they try to crawl some deleted web page, they won't find anything there either and will therefore move to other sites instead until they again find new content worth indexing in their search results database.

Why might you want to delete a WiX web page?

There are several reasons why you may want to delete a web page in WiX. You may no longer need the website, you may have created a new page that you want to use instead of the current one, or you may have decided that it no longer makes sense to maintain the website. Whatever the reason, we must know how to delete the web page properly.

What happens if I delete a WiX web page by mistake?

If you delete a WiX web page by mistake, don't panic. WiX has an option to restore your website for 30 days after deleting it. To restore your website, log in to your WiX account and select the website you want to restore. Then, you will find the "Restore Deleted Website" option. in the site settings.

How to recover a WiX web page?

Before deleting the WiX website, it is always important to backup or recover the website in case you want to use it in the future. To recover your WiX web page, you must first log in to your WiX account. Then, select the website you want to recover and click "Website Manager". Then select "Change History" and find the previous version of your website. Select the previous version and click "Restore". Once the website has been restored, you can download and save it to your computer.

In conclusion, sometimes it is necessary to remove web pages when managing and maintaining your Wix website for optimal performance and user experience. We hope this guide has answered all your questions about how to delete web pages from WiX and what happens once they are deleted

If not, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you! Good luck!



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