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WiX FAQ: Does WiX offer discounts or promotions on pricing plans?

When it comes to creating a website, choosing the right platform is crucial. WiX is a market-leading website building platform that helps business owners and content creators create stunning websites by using creative templates and designs.

In this article, we will explore the possibility of WiX offering discounts or special promotions on their pricing plans. Read on to learn more about WiX savings options.

WiX Discounts

Discounts on WiX for new users

If you are a new user, you are in luck. WiX offers special discounts and promotions to users for a limited time. WiX is currently offering up to 50% off their basic website building plan for the first year of use. Plus, if you sign up for the annual plan, you'll save two months of free service.

Another great benefit of the WiX New User Program is the WiX Welcome plan, which is designed specifically for business owners looking to build their website using the WiX platform. The WiX Welcome plan includes a free domain for one year, Google ads, premium support, and a Facebook ad credit.

Special WiX Promotions

WiX also offers special promotions on its pricing plans, meaning users can save money on different plans at specific times of the year. WiX often offers promotions during special seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holidays. The best way not to miss any of these promotions is to keep an eye on the WiX site and follow them on their social networks.

WiX Reference Program

WiX has a referral program that allows users to invite friends to use the platform and receive rewards for doing so. When a friend uses a referral link, they are offered a 50% discount on Premium plans for the first year. As for the user who has referred his friends, he is offered a reward of $100-$300. This program will save you more on WiX plans.

Long-term savings with WiX

If you choose an annual plan, instead of a monthly plan, you can enjoy long-term savings. WiX offers a two-month discount on annual plans, meaning you'll get two free months of service if you choose the annual plan. Although the savings are not significant in the short term, users will be able to save more if they decide to use WiX in the long term.

WiX is a leading website building platform that offers a variety of savings options for new and regular users. Its WiX Welcome program and referral plan make you save significantly on the platform's pricing plans, WiX offers several special promotions during specific times of the year.

Choosing an annual plan will also save you money in the long run. With this article, you will know that there are many opportunities to save on WiX pricing plans. Don't miss the opportunity to save money with WiX when creating your websitesprofessionals!



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